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    photovoltaic power supply
    Off-grid solar inverter
    Reverse control machine
    Solar Controller
    Industrial Power Systems
    ESP emergency power
    High-frequency power inverter
    High-frequency communication
    Uninterruptible Power Supply
    DC screen
    Portable power
    Car inverter
    Multi-function inverter
    Outdoor portable UPS
    Shenzhen Xin Li Yuan energy equipment Co., Ltd.

    It is in Fuzhou new Li Yuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen business department developed and expanded. It is a strong photovoltaic power plant equipment and industrial power production enterprise under the new Li Yuan group. It has an independent modern R & D production base and a number of first-class R & D engineers, power equipment installation engineers, and photovoltaic systems. Maintain engineer and market salesman. The main products of the company are: solar photovoltaic (off net) inverter, DC screen, DC wall hanging power, power UPS power, power frequency UPS power, EPS emergency power supply, communication power, communication module and other series of power products.

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